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Robert Langdon is the professor of Religious Iconology & Symbology at Harvard University. He was born on June 22, 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire. His family is identified as Episcopalian in the book, he identifies himself as Catholic in the movie, regardless he is not personally religious. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University. Though claustrophobic after a childhood fall down a well, Langdon was a diver and played water polo at Exeter, and continues to swim 50 laps per day in the Harvard swimming pool. Possessing a very strong memory, he is very intelligent and good at problem solving. He is 6 ft tall, has a deep voice, blue eyes, black hair with hints of grey, and resembles Harrison Ford, although he was played by Tom Hanks in the films. He also likes Nestle Quick. He lives in a Victorian house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, drives a Saab 900S, and usually wears chinos, a turtleneck and a Harris tweed suit jacket. He has a Mickey Mouse watch and uses an Apple Mac computer.

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Vittoria Vetra is the adopted daughter of physicist and priest Leonardo Vetra. She met her father when he worked in her orphanage, where noticed her quick intelligence and created a relationship. She is Italian, tall, has black hair, and is a Hatha yoga expert. Like her father, she works for CERN, specialising in Bio Entanglement Physics, and she invented the canister which allows the antimatter to exist. She joins Langdon in trying to find the missing antimatter and her father’s murderer, and they have a brief romantic affair. She is played by Ayelet Zurer in the film and her father is written out of the story; the man first murdered in the movie is simply her colleague Fr. Silvano Bentivoglio.

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Carlo Ventresca is the Camerlengo, or Papal Chamberlain. Ventresca was raised by his mother Maria, an ex-nun, and went to church every day. He was told his father was in heaven. When he was just a boy, his mother was killed by a terrorist bomb in the church where she was praying. He was subsequently raised by the Bishop of Palermo, who later became Pope. Carlo also studied with monks during his teens and flew a helicopter for the medical core of the Italian army. He is average height, handsome, and has traditional opinions but a modern outlook. His role is integral to the story and is full of surprises for both him and the reader. He is played by Ewan McGregor and his name is changed to Patrick McKenna in the film, an Irish Priest who loses his parents to terrorism in Northern Ireland during the visit of the Bishop of Palermo. The Bishop adopted him and went on to be the recently deceased Pope.

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The Assassin is a private mercenary, contacted by Janus, the face of the Illuminati. He is contracted to kill Leonardo Vetra and steal his antimatter, then kidnap and kill the four Preferiti, the Cardinals most likely to be elected Pope. He is Middle Eastern, descended from the Islamic group the Hashashin, the original assassins, and he hates Christianity in all its forms. He calls the Vatican and the BBC and tells them of his plans: every hour from 8pm, a Cardinal will be branded with one of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and then Water, at a different church in Rome. The Assassin is also a sexual predator; in the course of events he visit a brothel, and later kidnaps Vittoria with the intent of abusing her. He also fights Langdon on three occasions. He is played by Nikolaj Lie Kaas and is renamed Mr. Gray with Nordic accent in the film.

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Max Kohler is the director of CERN (the Centre for European Nuclear Research). Disabled from the waist down, he uses a computerised wheelchair to move around. Kohler contacts Langdon, retrieving his phone number from the internet, after discovering Leonardo Vetra murdered. He is in his early sixties, bald, with a stern look, respected if disliked. He has a hatred of religion, due to a childhood incident in which his parents denied him medicine, which would have prevented his disability, due to their religious beliefs. His character is written out of the film perhaps as his story arc was too complicated.

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Commander Olivetti is the head of the Swiss Guard. He is the first person Langdon and Vittoria contact about the antimatter inside the city. Olivetti initially refuses to bother the Camerlengo with the claim of a ‘bomb’ inside the complex, although he is concerned about a missing camera. He locks Vittoria in his office to prevent her meddling in affairs whilst the election is happening. He has an antagonistic attitude towards the endeavour, judging it a waste of time, at least until he finds the first dead Cardinal. He is referred to as ‘the Viper’ by his men. He is played by Pierfrancesco Favino in the film, is given the first name Ernesto or Earnest, is reduced in rank to Inspector and is instead the second in command of the gendarmerie, or Vatican police.

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Lieutenant Chartrand: A rookie Swiss Guard who is instrumental in helping Langdon later in the book. He is played by Thure Lindhardt in the movie and is part of the gendarmerie instead of the uniformed swiss guard.

Gunther GlickA red-headed reporter working for the BBC reporting on the papal election. He is contacted by the Assassin and becomes intimately involved with the plot of the book. He is entirely absent from the movie.

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Chinita Macri Camerawoman or photojournalist working for Glick. Not included in the film.

Cardinal Saverio MortatiDean or head of the College of Cardinals. He is made in to a German Cardinal Strauss in the movie.

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Captain Rocher is the second in command of the swiss gaurd after Commander Olivetti. He is contacted by Max Kohler telling his knowledge on the real cause of the events. In the movie, he does not exist, but there is a Commander Max Richter a Swiss German, who is the head of the Swiss Guard.

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