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Angels Demons Rome was founded in 2001 by a group of tour guides who wanted to share Dan Brown's exciting novel with the many people who visit Rome every year.

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In those early days, few people knew about Angels and Demons, but when Brown’s second novel to feature Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code, hit the bestseller list in 2003, more people started to get interested in his earlier work.

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Fans of Dan Brown who have read both of the Robert Langdon novels tend to agree that Angels and Demons is even more exciting than The Da Vinci Code, and the story is more intricate and engaging. The film adaptation, although different significantly, was a testament to the long standing interest in this story.

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As one of the oldest running Angels and Demons tour companies in the city, we have years of experience leading groups through the sites of Dan Brown’s novel. Other companies are starting to crop up, given the recent release of the film adaptation, but Angels Demons Rome offers a unique tour that explores both the fact and fiction of Brown’s Rome.

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We at Angels Demons Rome hold ourselves to a high standard; we have a commitment to making your Roman holiday as fun and interesting as possible. As a private tour company, not only do we have the best guides in the city, but we can customize our tours to suit your interests and itinerary.

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Our guides are all fully qualified native English speakers who have chosen to make the Eternal City their home, and thus are knowledgeable not only in the twists and turns of Rome’s cobbled streets, but also in Brown’s original novel.

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