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Angels & Demons was written by and published in 2000.
The book is the first outing of Robert Langdon, also the protagonist of the later (and more popular) The Da Vinci Code, although the movies take it that the Da Vinci Code events occurred before.

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The book revolves around the Illuminati, a secret underground society of scientists founded in Rome in the 1600s to keep scientific ideas such as Galileo’s alive in the light of Church repression.

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Though believed to be extinct, the group are apparently still active in the modern day and, in an attempt at revenge, have stolen a bomb and placed it inside Vatican City, set to explode at midnight on the night of a Papal election. They have also hired an assassin to kidnap and kill the four most likely choices for the Papacy. Each Cardinal will be killed at a location in Rome on the hour, starting at 8pm that night culminating in the midnight explosion of St. Peter’s Basilica.

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Each of these four locations is called an Altar of Science, and is named after one the ancient ‘elements’ of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

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This trail of four Altars and the final location is called the Path of Illumination. These secret locations all contain the work of GianLorenzo Bernini, supposedly the secret Illuminati artist: an anonymous operative for the society and master sculptor of his time.

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He left clues in his statues at each location pointing towards the next Altar of Science, the last Altar pointing to the secret Illuminati Lair. This was the meeting place for the society; a place they could meet and discuss ideas freely without chance of being caught or punished by the Church for heresy.

angles and demons book

Angels & Demons is brilliantly written and has sold countless copies through different publishing houses. It is however quite detailed and much of this was changed for the movie.

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