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Langdon runs from Piazza Navona to Castel St. Angelo: the Illuminati Lair.
This was the secret meeting place of the Illuminati; the last stop on the Path of Illumination. Located right under the Vatican’s nose, it was somewhere they would never think to look for the brotherhood.

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The building is closed, so he asks a news van parked outside to boost him over in return for the location of the last dead Cardinal. Langdon runs in via the back entrance and eventually reaches the balcony where the Assassin has Vittoria tied and gagged.

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The Assassin informs Langdon that Janus will visit and kill the Camerlengo that night.
They fight for a third time. The Assassin attempts to push Langdon over the balcony, but Vittoria manages to untie herself, using her yoga flexibility, and helps knock the Assassin over instead. He falls to his death, landing on stone cannonballs.

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They flee across the Passetto, a passageway that links Castel St. Angelo to the Vatican, and attempt to stop the antimatter from detonating and prevent Maximilian Kohler, who they think is Janus, from harming the Camerlengo.

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Castel St. Angelo was originally the mausoleum of the Roman Emperor Hadrian (AD 117-138), and housed his ashes and those of a century of his successors. It was built in 139, having taken six years, and was cylindrical building on a square base with statues and cypress trees on top of it.

the church of illumination

During the raids of Alaric the Goth in 410, most of the urns of Imperial ashes were lost. It was later taken over, as almost all Roman buildings were, by the Catholic Church after this.

church of illumination

It was renamed it the Castle of the Holy Angel after the events of 590, when a plague was ravaging Rome. Pope Gregory I prayed to the Virgin Mary to intercede, and the Archangel Michael apparenetly appeared over the tomb, sheathing his sword as a sign of ananswered prayer. In thanks for ending the plague, it was renamed and was used by the Catholic Church as a prison, fortress, and residence.

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