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The Camerlengo breaks Vatican law and enters the Sistine Chapel, informing the Cardinals of the bomb threat and the dead Cardinals. He advises them to pray, and retires to his own office to do likewise in front of a fire. There he is visited by the so-called ‘11th hour Samaritan,’ revealed to be Maximilian Kohler, the head of CERN, where the antimatter was made.

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Kohler reveals himself as an anti-Catholic and draws a gun on the Camerlengo.
The Camerlengo screams, and the Swiss Guard, followed by Langdon and Vittoria, burst in and shoot Kohler, believing he is an Illuminatus, and that he branded the Camerlengo with the fifth brand, called the Illuminati Diamond. As Kohler lies dying, he forces a small video camera into Langdon’s hand, which he reluctantly accepts. The Swiss Guard order the evacuation of Vatican City as the antimatter is soon to explode.

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Whilst exiting, the branded and delirious Camerlengo seems to receive a message from God, and runs back in to St. Peter’s with Langdon, Vittoria and the BBC in tow. He leads them to the tomb of St. Peter, where he finds the stolen antimatter. With only moments left, he takes the canister into the Papal helicopter. Langdon hops in, thinking to help the Camerlengo.

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In the air above the Vatican, the Camerlengo locks the antimatter in the chopper and jumps, taking the only parachute. Landgon, left to die, grabs the windshield tarp and jumps from the helicopter towards the Tiber river. The Camerlengo appears on top of St. Peter’s Basilica, whilst Langdon crashes in the Tiber and is rescued into the hospital on the Tiber Island. Langdon is resuscitated by the nurses, the camera Kohler had given him still in his pocket. On it Kohler had recorded his discussion with the Camerlengo.

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In the movie, things are different. Langdon does not enter the helicopter and the camerlengo goes alone. When the chopper explodes, he parachutes in to St. Peter's Square and is helped by the crowd. Also, the brand is totally different; the illuminati diamond is gone and is replaced by the crossed keys of St. Peter.

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