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Only one Altar remains: Water. Though failing at Earth, Air and Fire, one last Cardinal lives.

piazza navona angels and demons

Langdon looks in the direction of the arrow and thinks of a Bernini work to do with water. This is the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona. He hurriedly makes his way there.

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Arriving early to catch the Assassin, he hides on the inside of the fountain, behind one of the horses. The Assassin arrives in his van, and opens the door. Langdon, still armed, jumps out and, ruining the element of surprise, tells the Assassin to freeze. The fourth Cardinal is inside the truck, bound in chains. The Assassin kicks the Cardinal into the water of the fountain and again fights with Langdon, who is once again overpowered.

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Held under the water by the Assassin, Langdon finds a (fictional) hose used to pump bubbles into the fountain, and uses it to breath. An experienced swimmer, he fakes the rigors of drowning. Suitably convinced, the assassin leaves. When all is clear, Langdon emerges and tries to resuscitate the last Cardinal, but is once again too late to save him.

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Overcome with the weight of all that has happened that day, Langdon cries for the first time in years. Once he gathers himself he looks for an angel, and not finding one, sees that the dove atop the obelisk could represent the Angel of Peace.

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It points to the Illuminati Lair; a place Langdon finds almost impossible to believe.

angels and demons movie

In the Movie the events are again different. Langdon arrives in time, does not fight the assassin who speeds off and he and some local revellers help the last cardinal out of the fountain, saving his life. Langdon asks the Cardinal where they were being held and he tells him: Castel St. Angelo.

piazza navona in rome

Piazza Navona is built atop the ruins of the Circus of Domitian, a 1st century chariot racing track.

The name Navona derivesfrom the Greek word for these games: agones which became agone and then navone. When earthquakes and neglect crippled the stadium, Romans knocked down anything above the first level and used this fortified basement as foundations for the buildings.

fountain rome

The central Fountain of the Four Rivers was finished by Bernini in 1651, representing the four major world rivers known at the time. Its obelisk sat in the Circus of Maxentius originally. The other two fountains were designed 80 years earlier by Giacomo della Porta, the man who carried out the dome of St. Peter's and who did the fountain outside the Pantheon.

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