santa maria della vittoria

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Two Cardinals are dead, but Langdon is getting closer; he was not far behind the Assassin when he dropped off the Cardinal at the last location. Now, he once again has to check for an angel work by Bernini pointing the way to the third Altar.

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Looking at the West Wind, he traces a line across Rome and looks for a Bernini work related to Fire. He cannot think of one, and so must go back into the Vatican Archives to look through a catalogue of Bernini’s work. He quickly realises it’s the Ecstasy of St. Theresa in Santa Maria della Vittoria. This depicts St. Theresa of Avila being pierced by a flaming arrow, held by an angel.

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Langdon, Vittoria, the Swiss Guard, and the BBC team, who are following them, rush to the church just before 10pm. Langdon enters the church and finds the third Cardinal still alive. He is suspended in mid air, his arms tied to the incisor cables, which usually hold lamps, and the church pews are on fire beneath him. The third ambigram is branded into his chest, and he is slowly burning to death.

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The Assassin is still inside the church, and sees Langdon. The pair fight, but Langdon is clearly overmatched. The Assassin beats Langdon, who takes refuge under a sarcophagus to escape death. Vittoria is overpowered and kidnapped by the Assassin, who flees with her.

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Initially built in 1605 and dedicated to St. Paul, the church was rededicated as St. Mary of the Victory after the battle of White Mountain in 1620, in which the Virgin Mary apparently interceded, granting victory to the Catholic side. The church was designed by Carlo Maderno, who also worked on St. Peter's.

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The façade was designed simultaneously by Soria. Inside, besides the famous statue by Bernini, are The Dream of Joseph by Guidi and paintings by the renowned Domenichino.

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angels and demons fire ambigram

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